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Download "ANODIZED" User Interface Theme for the WDTV Live Hub

Previews of menu structures:


Available background images:


Categorized video folder images:


Colored Thumb-frames & Music-players:


PsychoTHCs Graphics Pack
Additional background images & folder icons
----> DOWNLOAD HERE <----
25.Oct.2010 1.02.21.WDLXTV_LIVE_4.3.3+PsychoTHC_6.3.1
This is a flash version of B-Rads 1.02.21.WDLXTV_LIVE_4.3.3 and PsychoTHC_6.3.1 included !!!

03.Jan.2011 WDLXTV_LIVE_PsychoTHC_OSD_MOD_v6.5.3
USB Version. Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads
----> DOWNLOAD HERE <----


If you appreciate my work and want to contribute, feel free to donate. Any little is welcome !


03.Jan.2011 psychothc_mod_6_5_3.osd.bin svn:53
Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads WDLXTV

  • Fixed stripes at boot (thx RMerlin)
  • Added alu_brushed_bg.jpg as optional background
  • Replaced the blue to yellow 3d rating stars
  • Pimped the UI of live365 and shoutcast a bit.
  • Pimped UI of video thumb- and listview with bigger head line, pagecounter and genre icon.
  • Changed the "Watched" icon at video thumb-, list, sheet and wall views.

15.Oct.2010 psychothc_mod_6_3_1.osd.bin svn:39
Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads

  • Added entry "OSD:PsychoTHC" at Webend-Configurator for changing the color scheme & bg
  • At video-preview-screen: new folder icons & symbols, video fits into frame, aso
  • Lighten up some text in audio and radio player

29.Sept.2010 psychothc_mod_6_2_8.osd.bin svn:34

  • Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads
  • Increased file size for beeing able to "live-update" beta versions via SVN.
  • Fixed progressbars at youtube and photo player now showing.
  • Serial and Partnumber now showing in Settings/Info Menu.
  • Removed the "G2" info at screensaver & welcome screen
  • Selfmade icons for "WDTVExt Plugin" section.
  • Prepared aprox 17 selfmade icons for "DoSometing" plugin and "SVNUpdate" snippet. (But not activated yet by Sailort & RMerlin)
  • Fixed background not showing at webend website

28.Aug.2010 psychothc_mod_6_2_2.osd.bin svn:14
Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads

  • Integrated 12 color schemes for thumb frames & play bars choosable from S00custom-options command
  • Modified design of the Music and Radio player

05.Aug.2010 psychothc_mod_6_2_1.osd.bin svn:11

  • Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads
  • Added some different colored frames for the selected thumbs

(added also in S00custom-options but not yet coded in FW!!! - so pls wait)

30.Apr.2010 psychothc_mod_06_0.osd.bin

20.Apr.2010 psychothc_mod_05_9.osd.bin

  • Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads firmware.
  • Fixed double text and double preview images in YouTube
  • Fixed first letter in main menu was a bit cut off
  • Background image in YouTube account is back

14.Apr.2010 1.02.21_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV_LIVE- 5.9

  • This is a flash version of WDLXTV_LIVE- with PsychoTHC_OSD_MOD 5.9 included !!!
  • Based on 1.02.21 and B-Rads firmware.
  • Fixed size of YouTube play symbol in Info bar
  • VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2/3 now included (See S00customs)

03.Apr.2010 psychothc_mod_05_6.osd.bin

14.Mar.2010 psychothc_mod_05_2.osd.bin

  • Based on 1.01.24 (+ 1.01.77 for G2) and B-Rads firmware.
  • OSD mod is now working with WDLXTV-Live and WDLXTV-G2 model.
  • Custom font and subtitles now working. (thx to rezmus)
  • In Live version: Changed size and position of text in main menu.
  • Changed screen-saver logo.
  • 15 thumb items in music/video view by defaut.
  • Redesigned whole video info bar.
  • Redesigned video option bar.
  • Modified music "now playing" info bar.
  • Modified screen-saver logo.
  • Changed all buttons in virtual keyboard.
  • Added folder icon pack ABC categorized.
  • Swapped main background to aluminium riffle-blade look.
  • Backgound images are now supported as separate files.

26.Feb.2010 psychothc_mod_05.osd.bin

  • Based on 1.01.24 and B-Rads firmware.
  • Changed font for all text (smaller in width -> better for long filenames prevents early text scrolling.
  • 12 items in video list mode by default (thx to zoster).
  • Icons in video-prewiew-list mode added.
  • Changed button designs (e.g. OK, Cancel a.s.o.)
  • Added and fine tuned some icons in size and position.
  • Added 4 more background images (check screenshot folder).
  • Changed the border of selected item in thumb views.
  • Modified all video info bars during playback (New progress bar (also for music); Name of video is centered; Type of audio will be displayed shortly in red)

17.Feb.2010 psychothc_mod_04.osd.bin

  • Added icons to the new YouTube update witch is included in v1.01.24 and above.
  • Changed screensaver logo. To the request of some. Cockroachy is gone now ...
  • Added own "Busy" animation.
  • New icon for remove USB device.
  • Changed highlighted blue played time bar in music player to grey chrome.
  • Added 2 folder icons "documentary.png" & "privat.png"

14.Feb.2010 psychothc_mod_03.osd.bin

  • OSD-Mod is now based on B-Rad's latest FW ( It's not hooked up on eM82 osd-mod anymore. Provides actually compatibility for xml files.
  • Mostly all menues (except Pandora, Flickr) are having new graphics. 154 in total
  • Allready included additional new YouTube (V01.01.24) images witch comes hopefully in B-Rad's next FW release. So this mod is prepared.
  • "Next Titel" in music player is now in the middle. Better for longer titel names.
  • Added 5 ( out of 8 ) new backgrounds you can choose from.
  • Modified and added 86 categorized folder images for you personal use. (Author is unknown)

07.Feb.2010 psychothc_mod_02.osd.bin

  • Fixed text overlapping in info bar


  • A already customized firmware from B-Rad on your WDTV_live (http://b-rad.cc/)
  • Pendrive or Harddrive where the OSD-MOD comes onto

1. Copy the "psychothc_mod_03.osd.bin" to the root of your (pen)drive.
2. Unplug the WDTV's AC power cord, plug the pendrive in, replug the AC power cord, and it boots with new OSD.
3. Edit provided S00custom-option file to choose your background.
4. For folder images: Rename them to folder.* (* is png or jpg) and copy into corresponding folder.


  • Of course to B-Rad.
  • To eM82, from who i have taken the source for the "WDTV_live PsychoTHC OSD-MOD" in V0.2
  • To lilibabe who extracted me the new YouTube folder out of the 01.01.24 original firmware.
  • And last but not least to the WDTVLIFEFORUM (http://wdtvforum.com/) with all the help and helpers helper.

Regrads and enjoy

Visit my thread at wdtvforum.com


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